Merchant FAQs

We will help you grow your business free and you will get many benefits.
We will help you increase your sales. We have more than 30,000 of customer base which will give you a bigger chance to get new customers, make service booking easier for your existing customers. You don't have to spend money on advertising as everyone can see and book your business on our platform anytime.
After claiming your business on our platform, you will get online booking from your customers.
We will transfer the total amount after to your bank account after we charge a commission (service fee to keep us alive).
Don't worry, it's 100% free!
Please contact our customer representative at
To attract more customers, we provided Free Trial service for our customers, please offer your Free Trial and you will get chance to list on top of our search page.
No. You just need to fulfill all the informations about your business.
Please focus on your service quality, we will do the heavylifting to attract customers for you.
After you claim your business, you just need to improve your business profile so your customers will be attracted and wait for them to book your service.
Sure, you do.
Our site is still in development, stay tuned for our press release and launch.
Our platform is not allowed to extend appointment time, as we are flat subscription base. Please ask the customer to extend on site.
Yes, we will keep your personal information secure.
We reveal customer identity limited to appointment usage.
We have a team of professional content curators who scoured the web and manually loaded your details to make it easier for you to start your listing.
We operate a subscription based market place which allows us to monitor, adjust to the ever changing requirements of our merchants and give us access to financial information needed in running the business. Thus, risks and uncertainties can be reduced significantly and we will serve you better.
After leaving Revasi (formerly, our co-founder Budiyono Salim is eyeing opportunities in Beauty Subscription business model. With rapid growing market size of Beauty and Salons and increasing demand for data analytics for beauty businesses, Lookaftermi is founded.
We spent $30,000 on marketing budget this year and will spend $120,000 next year.
We use Facebook and Google Adwords to help us get database and find the perfect customers. In addition, we also send out our press release to media and work with social media influencers to boost our campaign.