About Lookaftermi

Lookaftermi is an enabler and marketplace for merchants to offer their services as subscription plans covering beauty, food, education and food.

Not only looking after our subscribers, but we also look after our merchants to grow their revenue. Lookaftermi will give you access to thousands of users database who search for booking salon, buffet, entertainments and education (workshops, seminar, course and classes) for free.

Why Lookaftermi can
help you grow your business

Attract New Clients

Based on our large database consisting of approximately 100,000 clients and constant inflow of new clients, we offer you limitless access to as many clients as your business can handle.

No Price Low-balling

Lookaftermi places commensurate value on our merchants and the services they offer. We won’t pay you less than you deserve.

Increased income generation

In no time of joining the us, your empty slots will begin to generate income and this comes at no additional cost.

Client Rating

We take on the responsibility of rating each client before linking them up with you.

Guaranteed payments

All services rendered are guaranteed to be paid for without delay.

In conclusion, Lookaftermi has ensured that an accurate, dependable and efficient subscription system is in place to serve you excellently well.

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